Serve Mogiana Coffee at your establishment or event; We cater to many different types of businesses with one common goal: to serve a great tasting and socially responsible cup of coffee.

What does this mean? 

We take full care of your coffee program. We develop unique packages for each of our partners from selecting the best coffee beans, equipment, training staff members, and maintaining your equipment so that your operation runs smoothly. 

What we offer (depending on quantity and setup):

  • Free employee training on brewing methods, espresso drink preparation, and milk steaming
  • Free coffee equipment and delivery
  • A wide range of excellent-value coffees, dark, medium-dark, and medium roasts.
  • Wholesale options and pricing for coffee equipment, brewers, espresso machines, from trusted, high-quality brands
  • Easy ordering and the highest level of customer service

Call us at 604-272-1132 or fill out the form below to learn how we can help.