About Us

The Mogiana Story

Mogiana Coffee was founded in Vancouver, BC in 2008 by Cristina Dias. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, but her summer holidays were always spent at her family’s coffee farm. The farm where she and her cousins - and many of the workers’ children - would play among the drying beds and the surrounding fields. Cristina has always felt a deep sense of pride for the work her family has done growing coffee in the Mogiana region of Brazil, and she started her company in order to share her family's passion with local coffee drinkers here in BC.

Humble beginnings

At every step, we continuously strive to foster community relationships, ensure social responsibility & minimize our environmental impact. This tradition started with our family which has been growing coffee at our farm in Brazil since the 1890s. For five generations we have practiced the same core values in order to produce not just amazing quality coffee, but an enriched community as well. We work hard to treat everyone in our supply chain as part of our extended and ever-growing family. We've learned from our family to practice true sustainability - the ability to sustain our plants, soil, air, water, community, and ourselves.

We foster relationships through good business practices with our customers, vendors, suppliers, and farmers. Our vision is to create a coffee company with true, meaningful and lasting connections.