About Us

In the late 1800’s my great great-grandmother settled in the Mogiana Valley with her four young children. She had been widowed early, and it was up to her to establish a good life for her family, so in rising to the challenge, Vovo (Grandma) Inezinha – as she was known - selected a plot of land, and together with her children – my great-grandfather and his brothers - she set to work on building a coffee farm.

The higher altitude, warm sun, and rich volcanic soil that defines the Mogiana Valley in fact yielded coffee of stunning quality. With some practice, my great grandfather and his brothers eventually became experts at producing the finest quality of Arabica coffee – beans that burst with full-bodied richness and an unparalleled, fine finish.

As our Mogiana Coffee embarks upon its journey, from the valleys of Brazil to your personal coffee cup , we hope it brings to you a sense of our tradition; a feel for our philosophy; and, a taste of our very finest efforts -- it's coffee time!