You Will Need

  1. Scale
  2. Round filter
  3. Aeropress funnel
  4. Stir Rod
  5. Aeropress
  6. 35g of coffee
  7. 400g of water at 85C
  8. Carafe or mug 


This recipe uses 35g of coffee and a total of 400g of water, for a stronger ratio of around 1:11.

Step 1

Mount filter into aeropress and rinse with hot water from your kettle - this prevents any paper flavours from mixing in with your coffee. 

Step 2

Grind 35g of coffee on a fine grind, just a bit coarser than espresso grounds and pour into the aeropress base.

Step 3

Pour 150g of water and let steep for 2 minutes.

Step 4

During the 2 minutes, stir the grounds so they are all coated with water.

Step 5

After 2 mins, plunge the coffee into a carafe.

Step 6

Dilute with 250g of water on the scale to complete the 400g total.

Step 7

Enjoy your coffee!