You Will Need

• Scale

• Round filter

• Aeropress funnel

• Stir Rod

• Aeropress

• 35g of coffee

• 400g of water at 85C

• Carafe or mug 


This recipe uses 35g of coffee and a total of 400g of water, for a stronger ratio of around 1:11.

Step 1

Mount filter into aeropress and rinse with hot water from your kettle - this prevents any paper flavours from mixing in with your coffee. 

Step 2

Grind 35g of coffee on a fine grind, just a bit coarser than espresso grounds and pour into the aeropress base.

Step 3

Pour 150g of water and let steep for 2 minutes.

Step 4

During the 2 minutes, stir the grounds so they are all coated with water.

Step 5

After 2 mins, plunge the coffee into a carafe.

Step 6

Dilute with 250g of water on the scale to complete the 400g total.

Step 7

Enjoy your coffee!

Brewing coffee is an art. We want to share a few very important elements that can influence how your coffee tastes.

Make sure you are using Freshly roasted beans (ideally within 30 days of roast date);

Grind Coarseness - if you grind too fine, your coffee will be over extracted which equals bitterness;

Water Quality (filtered or soft) and Temperature (91C - 96C)

Pre-Infusion (Blooming) and Extraction Time

We have included a few of our favorite recipes here and hope you will enjoy experimenting!