Iced pour over coffee

You will need

• 35g of ground coffee
• 300g of hot water (95 ℃)
• 150g of Ice cubes

Step 1

Rinse the cone filter with hot water and empty it

Step 2

Put ice cubes in Hario glass

Step 3

Pour 30g of coffee ground on a medium setting into the filter

Step 4

Pre-infuse the grounds with 60g of hot water and let it sit for 30s

Step 5

After 30s, pour the water in a circular motion around the centre until the scale reads 175g

Step 6

When the water has receded to about half the volume, pour hot water until 300g and let it drip

Step 7

Enjoy this refreshing, delicious Guatemala drink!

Step 8

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Brewing coffee is an art. We want to share a few very important elements that can influence how your coffee tastes.

Make sure you are using Freshly roasted beans (ideally within 30 days of roast date);

Grind Coarseness - if you grind too fine, your coffee will be over extracted which equals bitterness;

Water Quality (filtered or soft) and Temperature (91C - 96C)

Pre-Infusion (Blooming) and Extraction Time

We have included a few of our favorite recipes here and hope you will enjoy experimenting!