Our Coffee Beans

Today's demanding coffee drinkers know that 100% Arabica is where taste buds start smiling. Our great-grandparents figured that out back in the 1890's. But then they went further. Their path led them to discover a special varietal of Arabica: the Bourbon Coffee.

The Bourbon Coffee seduces coffee lovers for its full body, low acidity, profound aromas and smooth finish. These exceptional qualities, as sought-after as they might be, can't be met in an industrial scale. The Bourbon's plant won't grow in just any terrain. Extremely delicate, it flourishes only amidst perfectly balanced conditions, requiring just enough rain, lots of warm sunshine and high altitudes - a coffee as demanding as its future drinkers.

Five generations have passed, but our traditions prevail. Everything in the farm is done manually, from planting the coffee to harvesting and drying. The result is a truly handcrafted, single origin coffee that stands out for its award-winning quality and rich flavors. It draws from the farm's rich soil and great weather conditions to generate a unique, fragrant beverage. And its potential is brought to its best by the dedicated hands that gently handle every step of the way - from our family's farm to your cup.