Our Coffee Beans

Expect The Best

Many of today’s coffee drinkers are knowledgeable and have come to expect only the best. We work only with high-quality Specialty grade Arabica beans. Beans that are grown, processed, and roasted with care each step of the way to provide an inevitably great cup of coffee every time. Our great-grandparents understood this, way back in the 1890s, when they began farming coffee. The path they chose led them to one of the most special varieties of Arabica: the Bourbon varietal.

An unparalleled, fine finish

The Bourbon varietal of coffee is known and savoured around the world for its full body, low acidity, layered, deep aromas, and an extremely smooth finish; from an espresso shot to a delightful pour over. The higher altitude, warm sun, and rich volcanic soil that defines the Mogiana Valley are prime conditions for yielding coffee of stunning quality - the Bourbon bean is as demanding as any coffee lover. With some practice, my great-grandfather and his brothers eventually became experts at producing the finest quality of Arabica coffee – beans that burst with full-bodied richness and an unparalleled, fine finish.

A truly handcrafted, single-origin coffee

We embraced this coffee, and have done so for over five generations now. The original farm is still there. Everything is done by hand, from planting to harvest, and on to the drying process. The result is a truly handcrafted, single-origin coffee that stands out for its award-winning quality and rich flavors, carefully packed into each bag of Mogiana coffee. Our farm’s rich soils and virtually perfect climate, create a unique, full-bodied and fragrant cup of coffee. These are the standards that we have learned to keep from day one - and today’s demanding coffee drinkers have come to expect. From our family’s farm to your cup, it is a remarkable journey.