Mogiana Coffee is very proud to carry the UTZ certification on their product labels, as a direct result of the family’s sustainable farming practices.

The UTZ Certification is the largest program for sustainable farming of coffee in the world. The compliance with their strict requirements by UTZ certified farms and businesses, is closely monitored by independent third parties. These requirements include Good Agricultural Practices and farming management, safe and healthy working conditions, abolition of child labor and protection of the environment.

The family farm is much more than a working business – it’s a self-sustaining “agro-village” home to 47 resident families. These families cultivate and sustain a strong sense of community. Housing is provided for farm workers and their families free of charge. There is also a church, a health clinic, a social club for gatherings and dances as well as a soccer field.

Back in the 1950’s, a small turbine and generator was installed at the farm to harness the waterfall’s natural power. This solution allows the farm to operate completely off the power grid for 11 months per year. The same generator is still used today, powering both the homes and processing equipment.

20% of the farm property is untouched Forest. All wastewater is treated to avoid polluting the stream that runs through the farm and dried coffee husks are used for soil fertilization and to power the processing equipment.

All these initiatives would not be complete without education. The village has a school, built on an acre of land donated by the farm, in which about 700 children from all corners of the Mogiana valley have access to free education. While in school each children also receives a free meal every day.

This enables Mogiana Coffee to go beyond paying a fair price for coffee to directly supporting individuals, families and communities.