Mogiana Coffee’s Dry Rub is the perfect seasoning for Beef, Pork, Chicken, Prawns, Tofu and Stir Fry. You have all the spices needed for an amazing and quick dinner or for a delicious BBQ! 

What does Mogiana’s coffee do in a dry rub?

The acidity levels of coffee replicate tannins in wine, which allow amplification of flavor. But it doesn't stop there. Mogiana’s coffee rub on steak can also act as a tenderizer, making meat softer and enhancing the moisture of the meat by creating a sealed crust of flavor.

Do you put dry rub on before or after? It depends on what you are cooking!

Beef (Steaks), Tofu and Veggies (stir fry) apply the rub when you start cooking.

Beef (Roasts), Pork, Chicken, Turkey and Prawns we recommend generously applying it 30 minutes before cooking.

Fish - we do not recommend since the rub’s flavor profile will overwhelm the fish’s flavor.

How do you use a coffee dry rub?

There are two ways to use dry rubs:

Use them as their name indicates. Dry! Simply rub and press the spices onto your meat. ...

Add a dab of oil. Mix a small amount of oil with the rub to form a paste that you can easily spread over your meat. The result won't give you a crusty topping, but it will give you plenty of flavor.

Brewing coffee is an art. We want to share a few very important elements that can influence how your coffee tastes.

Make sure you are using Freshly roasted beans (ideally within 30 days of roast date);

Grind Coarseness - if you grind too fine, your coffee will be over extracted which equals bitterness;

Water Quality (filtered or soft) and Temperature (91C - 96C)

Pre-Infusion (Blooming) and Extraction Time

We have included a few of our favorite recipes here and hope you will enjoy experimenting!