Local Bites Podcast w/ Cristina Dias

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Mogiana Coffee, founded by Cristina Dias, is the epitome of her childhood and hospitality experience. Cristina grew up playing on her grandfather’s coffee farm and after 11 years in hospitality she began roasting coffee. Starting out by roasting beans only from her grandfather’s farm to expanding to farms across the globe, Cristina is painting the picture of how Mogiana Coffee got to where it is today.

Cristina focuses on quality from bean to cup. She is walking through the importing process to roasting to selling. Mogiana Coffee is committed to sustainability from start to finish, and Cristina is sharing about what that looks like. In addition to this, Cristina is explaining to us what cupping is and why it’s so important for coffee roasters. As another business (Mundo Novo Coffee Roasters), Cristina roasts coffee both for her own brand but also private label customers.

Bringing it back to her roots, she is also sharing about the environmental initiatives the Mogiana Coffee supports on the farm. Even further than that, social initiatives and supporting their workers is something that is important to Cristina and her family.

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