Sustainability at our core!

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At Mogiana Coffee, our passion goes beyond harvesting some of the world’s finest specialty Arabica beans. Our Family Farms in Brazil have been in operation since 1890 and are still going strong today. 

To us, sustainability is more than a buzzword. It’s at the very heart of everything we do. It goes beyond the plants, soil, air, and water and extends to the people and the community that makes it all possible.  

Sustainability at our core:  

People (at our farm, 47 working families receive for FREE) 

  • Housing  
  • Education & nutrition for the children 
  • Health Clinics 
  • Community Events 

Renewable energy:  

  • Our farm is off the power grid for 11 months of the year – since 1950 we harness our own energy with the use of a hydro powered generator 

 Waste Management & Recycling:  

At our farm in Brazil 

  • All wastewater is treated before it is returned to streams 
  • Coffee husks are composted and used for fertilizing the soil  

At our Roastery in Burnaby BC 

  • 90% accomplishment towards becoming a zero waste roasting facility 
  • Partnership with Eco Perk to properly recycle our coffee bags 

Carbon Reduction & Energy Efficiency: 

  • We roast on a Loring - which emits 80% less CO2/greenhouse gases and uses 80% less natural gas – this is the equivalent of 54 passenger vehicles driving for one year, or 44 homes’ electricity use for one year! 


  • 20% of our farm land is kept as native forests enabling us to maintain an extremely rich flora & fauna.

From the seed of an idea sprouts a new way to brew a better cup of coffee that takes the greater good into account. The result is a coffee that transcends mere beans and water to create a movement we can all stand behind. 



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