Aeropress: Classic

Posted by Cristina Dias on

You will need:

  • Scale
  • Round filter
  • Aeropress funnel
  • Stir Rod
  • Aeropress
  • 18g of coffee
  • 270g of water at 85C
  • Carafe or mug


The first recipe we use for our aeropress uses a 1:15 ratio, but can be slightly adjusted if you prefer a stronger or lighter cup of coffee. 

Step 1: Mount filter into aeropress and rinse with hot water from your kettle - this prevents any paper flavours from mixing in with your coffee. 

Step 2: Pour 18g of coffee ground on a medium setting into the base of the aero press. Shake the aeropress so that the coffee is leveled. 

Step 3: Pour 60g of 95°C water, making sure to fully coat the dry coffee grounds, and let pre infuse for 35s. When coffee is freshly roasted, the grounds will bloom while they release more gas. 

Step 4: After 35s, complete with water until 270g, give it a stir or two, and place the plunger back in the base.

Step 5: At the 2 minute mark, plunge slowly for 1 minute until no liquid remains in the aeropress and you hear air hissing.

Step 6: Enjoy your coffee! And make sure to promptly clean your aeropress to avoid oil build up. 


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